FPSC CSS Compulsory Subjects Preparation Package with all guide books is available at Dogar Brothers for instant delivery. Order yours now, and avail free cash on delivery.

FPSC CSS Compulsory Subjects Preparation Guide Books Topper’s Package

CSS Books Included:

  • High Scoring CSS Essays 2020 edition
  • High Scoring CSS English Precis & Composition 2020 by Career Finder
  • The High Scoring Guide for CSS Current Affairs (2020 edition) by Career Finder
  • CSS High Scoring General Science and Ability
  • Integrated CSS Islamic Studies Book
  • Contemporary Debates In Pakistan Affairs
  • Pakistan Affairs for Competitive Examinations


Why is the FPSC CSS Compulsory Subjects Preparation Package helpful?

This is a set of eight comprehensive books that focus directly on the needs of CSS aspirants to prepare them for complete CSS syllabus while helping in getting a grasp over high scoring CSS answers for Compulsory subjects. In each book, special attention has been given to CSS examination questions and popular themes to help students structure their answers to get maximum marks. Furthermore, the CSS MCQs Past papers guide book moves one step ahead in aiding your preparation by providing explanations for answers from 2016 onwards, so that your CSS MCQs section is completely covered.


How to start CSS Preparation at home?

Here are some steps to follow for CSS preparation at home:


  •  Know the Basics of the CSS Exam.
  •  Get the Right Books for the CSS Exam.
  •  Read the Right Newspaper and Magazines.
  •  Prepare a Schedule and Follow It.
  •  Prepare Online with Tabir.pk to get exclusive Online guidance

To avail Online Preparation for all compulsory subjects, you can purchase the books + Online Package:

Integrated CSS Preparation Package with Online Learning ( All Compulsory Subjects)


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