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High Scoring CSS Essay 2020:

Salient Features High Scoring CSS Essays 2020 by Career Finder  :

  • A Step by Step Guide to Assist You in Writing the Perfect Essay
  • High scoring sample essays from CSS past papers
  • Key Takeaways with every essay
  • Suggested Readings Sections to Enhance Your Understanding of Each Topic



Muhammad Abrahim Shah (3rd Position in CSS 2018) &

Muhammad Ali Zafar (LUMS academic lab)

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How to Prepare well for the CSS English Essay Exam?

Use the High Scoring CSS English Essays guide to prepare and practice essay writing. Follow the suggestions provided to enhance your knowledge and improve your Essay writing abilities. You can also sign up for High Scoring CSS Essays Online Series by Abrahim Shah

Which CSS books are best?

Here is a list of highly recommended books and preparation series for CSS preparation:

  1. High Scoring CSS Essays Online Series by Abrahim Shah
  2. CSS High Scoring English Precis & Composition by Career Finder
  3. CSS Current Affairs Package (with Online Learning) by Dogar Brothers
  4. Integrated CSS Pakistan Affairs Preparation Package
  5. Who is Who and What Is What Book by Dogar Brothers

How to start CSS Preparation at home?

For CSS preparation at home, follow these steps

  •  Know the Basics of the CSS Exam.
  •  Get the Right Books for the CSS Exam.
  •  Read the Right Newspaper and Magazines.
  • Improve your English with CSS English Essay and Precis books by Dogar Brothers
  •  Prepare a Schedule and Follow It.
  •  Prepare Online with Tabir.pk to get exclusive Online guidance


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