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Saunders Waterford Watercolor Paper Blocks 300 Gsm Rough Surface 20 Sheets




  • Accessible Sizes of Pads are 12 x 9 and 14 x 10 (Inches)
  • Surface Available Rough 300 Gsm
  • 100% Cotton Mold
  • Corrosive Free Sheet In Artist Quality.
  • Brand: St.Cuthberts Mill

Made in England

Saunders Waterford is an impeccable watercolor paper, generally made on a chamber form machine. This is the unrivaled quality watercolor paper made by St Cuthberts Mill and accompanies the Royal Watercolor Society’s underwriting. Made utilizing 100% cotton, the most excellent papermaking material, to high authentic norms. Each sheet is cradled with calcium carbonate to help protect completed bits of work from discolouration brought about by acids present in barometrical contamination. Its appealing surface is made utilizing characteristic woolen felts that give it a particular arbitrary surface. The surface is estimated in gelatine making it solid and tough to cleaning, and other harsh treatment Saunders Waterford is a top quality expert watercolor paper.

Why utilize a square? Accommodation and speed, you don’t have to drench and extend your watercolor paper. These squares are stuck on each of the four sides, leaving a little opening for you to either utilize your nail or an art blade to deliver the paper once you have completed your artwork. Your solid stuck edges mean your paper won’t cockle yet will remain level anyway wet your watercolor painting strategy. Particularly suggested for plein air painting and craftsmanship gatherings


12×9, 14×10

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